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Do You Need A Dog Walker When Working From Home?! (Take Our Quiz!)

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The COVID19 pandemic has really shifted things for many of us, and a lot of people have found themselves working from home.

Whilst it's amazing to be able to hang out with our pets a lot more, many people have reported that they've struggled to keep them entertained, and the pet often ends up feeling left out, whilst their human is glued to their computer screen.


Take our test to find out whether your dog would benefit from a dog walker or even doggy day care!

Add one point for each question you answer 'yes' to!

  1. Are you worried about how your dog will cope when you return to the office?

  2. Are you working long hours, leaving your dog to wait to get a good walk?

  3. Has your dog ever been distracting whilst you're trying to work?

  4. Has your dog ever tried to get your attention whilst you're at the desk?

  5. Is your dog indecisive, wanting to be let out, but wants to get back in shortly after?

  6. Does your dog seem restless or even destructive during the working day?

  7. Does your dog miss engaging with their canine buddies?

  8. Does your dog try to initiate play with you by bringing their toys whilst you're working?

  9. Do you struggle to leave the desk to adequately break up the day for feeding, toileting, and exercise?

  10. Has your dog become more attached to you, glued to your side wherever you go?

How did you score?!

  • 0-3 It sounds like your dog is pretty relaxed and not overly reliant on you. They would no doubt love extra walks, but they may be able to wait until you can take a break.

  • 4-6 Your dog may be struggling to get their needs met whilst you're stuck at your desk. They would absolutely benefit from some additional walks or even day care to help to break up their day, as well as getting some more mental and physical stimulation.

  • 7+ Don’t worry, we're here for you! We'd definitely recommend scheduling regular walks and/or day care for your pooch so they get their own routine, separate from your work schedule.

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