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One Of The Faces Behind Amity Pet Care

I thought it it would be good to introduce myself, and let both current clients, as well as potential clients who've not met us before, know a little bit about myself. So, hi, I'm Laura, I'm older than I look, and Amity Pet Care is my brainchild! My friends would describe me as kind and thoughtful, quick witted and sometimes sarcastic (it can be useful to have a sense of humour when working with animals!), to the point, organised, quiet yet adventurous, and knowledgeable-it's true, I asked them!

It goes without saying, I've always been a massive animal lover, and that goes for all shapes and sizes-I was pretty fascinated by the Giant African Land Snails and Tarantulas at college! I think if we were to ask any of the students in my infant or primary school classes, I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear I've built a career around animals, creating Amity Pet Care around ten years ago, as I always completely doted on my childhood family cat, more so than any human family member, and I think they all realised and accepted that! My two little old dogs are pretty much 'my world' now, and although they can be hard work at times (think being made to get up between 2-4am!), they definitely make me happy!

After completed my GCSE's, I'd stayed on at my school's sixth form, probably just because my friends did, however, after a couple of weeks at most, I realised it was a complete waste of time for me, so made the leap to join an agricultural college to study animal management, which took me around two hours to get there on the train and bus, and the same back. I finished my course, achieving the top grades and some good experience under my belt, and I've had various jobs with animals, both voluntary and paid, since the age of around fifteen.

Being lovers of all animals, both Luke and myself are both vegan, and I've just hit my fourteenth year. I also run a local vegan group who we enjoy socialising with, and eating lots of amazing vibrant food. I'm generally passionate about keeping fit and healthy (which is lucky with all of that amazing food!), so I train in a modern defence-based martial art at least twice a week, and I've now been promoted to assistant instructor! I also do yoga, and I'm currently doing a mindfulness course (although I'm at the stage where I'd take 100 push ups over a 10 minute meditation, but hopefully I'll get there...wherever 'there' is!). We don't take a huge amount of time off, and it's a big commitment with our dogs, but I love anything adventurous, and managed to go indoor skydiving recently, so would love to pursue that, and potentially even do a real skydive for charity in the summer, as it's a little too chilly right now!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

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