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Product Review: Fab Upcycled Doggy Toys

As we all know, it's important for us all to do our bit for the environment, by thinking about how we travel, our diet and lifestyle, what we buy, etc, so when I discovered 'Doggie Fashions up cycled dog toys' on Facebook, I knew I was going to love the company!

Their dog toys are made from items saved from landfill, including soft toys and plastic bottles, unneeded fleece material from factories, towelling, etc. All cuddly toys are deconstructed, with their stuffing, eyes, and any other unsuitable components removed, then refashioned into more appropriate, reinforced, and stimulating new dog toys.

They understand that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with varying needs, and differing natural instincts, and Christina and Brian seem more than happy to make product recommendations, or even create something custom, to suit your dog and their needs.

No toy is going to be completely indestructible, but these toys are reinforced, and far more cost effective than a lot of toys on the market, so it's not the end of the world if it's their natural instinct to shred their toys! I asked them to put together a package of around 10 different toys for our little guy, who's a 5kg Chihuahua cross, who's completely blind, but enjoys different textures, and wow, what a package they put together for him-he's truly been spoilt! He received a couple of teddies with bottles in, which make a great sound, a few tiny ones with squeakers in, a 'spider', tuggy ring, and a little tiny teddy with no eyes, which really made me go ''awww'' as our little one no longer has his eyes either! He's really enjoyed exploring the different sounds and textures in his new toys, so these will keep him happy for a long while.

As always, please monitor your dog whilst they're playing with toys to ensure they're safe.

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