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Product Review: Hounds & Hers (Inc. Discount Code!)

I discovered Hounds & Hers on social media recently. They provide monthly prescription boxes, full of gorgeous treats for dog mums, and their beloved dogs! This includes things like alcohol or soft drinks, snacks, beauty items, accessories, etc, for the mum, and treats, chews, toys, and accessories for pup. It sounded like a brilliant idea, and hey, who doesn't need a treat in these current times?!

When signing up, they ask if you have any specific dietary choices or needs, such as being vegan, like myself, gluten-free, etc, whether you want alcohol in you boxes, and any likes/dislikes for drinks. For your dog, they ask their gender, as well as their size/weight. The only thing I'd say is missing is asking their age, as they have different energy levels/abilities depending on age, and both of mine are pretty old!

I received my first box in November. For myself, it included a gorgeously scented candle from F & F, some salted caramel vegan-friendly popcorn, and a tin of Edinburgh Gin with Rhubarb & Ginger Ale, which I certainly enjoyed straight after my martial arts classes on Zoom!!

I tailored this box towards my summer lockdown adopted girl, Juniper. For her, they sent some 'lamb shank' treats, which are "gentle on tummies and packed with omega 3 fatty acids which have a range of health benefits"-those seemed to go down well. She also received some Pure Paleo Dog Chews which she's yet to try. The other thing she got is a large rope ball with tassels, including some which crinkle, which I think I'll be passing on, as at the age of roughly 13, old Juno isn't much of a player!

All in all, I think these boxes will be a great little monthly treat, especially as the next 2 will coincide with Christmas and my birthday, and they'll likely be a good way of trying out some of the newer products to the market.

To receive £5.00 off your first box, please use our referral link, or use code ref8227735

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