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Pet Remedy natural calming dog grooming set

  • De-stress and Calming Pre-wash - Spray generously and massage into the coat to break down and loosen the build-up of dirt and oils. Fast acting ingredients to lift dirt and oils to start the cleansing process. remedy calming ingredients will help settle your pet. 
  • De-stress and Calming Shampoo - Wet the coat with warm water. Use as much shampoo as required to create a lather and massage well to cleanse thoroughly. Use a warm, wet cloth around the face and ears. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear and repeat process as necessary before drying. Naturally derived cleansing agents in all the right proportions for a deep cleaning, yet gentle wash. The pet remedy calming formula helps maintain a stress free experience.
  • Leave in Conditioner & Coat Shine - After washing, towel dry the coat and spray liberally with conditioner. Work into the coat with fingers, comb or brush as required. A perfect finishing touch to leave your pet with a soft, shiny coat. Enhanced with Rosehip, Bramble and Moss extracts plus pro-vitamin B5 to help condition and nourish the skin and coat. A tiny inclusion of pet remedy helps to maintain the calming effect.

Pet Remedy Grooming Kit

£36.00 Regular Price
£32.40Sale Price
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