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Pet Bereavement Support (coming soon)

Loosing our loved ones is sadly part of life, and that does not exclude our furry, scaly, or feathered companions, who are so often there for us during the ups and downs which we experience along our journey.

So what do we do when they are no longer by our side?

I will support your through your grieving journey, allowing you to start to process, remember the incredible times you shared, the memories you created, and provide an empathetic shoulder to lean on when you need it most.

Some may not understand our experiences when loosing our animal family members, and don't quite make the connection that they are equally as important to us, but this is where I absolutely do understand.


I will lend my understanding, supportive, non-judgemental ear, and help you see the light, at what seems like an incredibly long tunnel.

Initial Contact

When making your initial enquiry, you can tell me a little about your journey to this point, and what you feel you could benefit from support with. You can also let me know how you would like our sessions to be held, with in person sessions, if local, via telephone, email, or video call.

Pet Bereavement Support

I am here for you. We will schedule your sessions, either on a session by session basis, or you may book in blocks. If we are local, you may wish in person visits, or even a walk and talk arrangement for a change of scenery, or regular calls. We will tailor a plan to benefit you, and provide the most valuable support.

Pet End of Life Care Arranging

One of the hardest things to deal with is making those final arrangements for your beloved pet. You may find yourself getting choked up, and everything becomes a blur. I can liaise with your vet and pet crematorium or cemetery either with you, or on your behalf, to take that pressure off.


This service will be available in the future. Please register your interest below.

Thanks for submitting!

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