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  • Are you insured?
    Absolutely! We're covered by Protectivity, a specialist insurance company, which covers us for all aspects of pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, and pet minding, care, custody, and control of animals, non-negligent cover, and key cover. You can click on our insurance logo at the bottom of our website which will take you to the insurance company website to confirm that we have a policy, and you may view our insurance certificate on request.
  • Which areas can you cover?
    We exclusively cover all or parts of Salfords, Whitebushes, Earlswood, Redhill, Merstham, South Nutfield, Reigate, Woodhatch, South Park, Ironsbottom, Meadvale, Horley, Langshott, Hookwood, and Smallfield. We may be able to cover areas just outside of these, outside of peak periods, for a small additional travel fee.
  • What's the signup process and cost?
    Once you've made your enquiry and we can accommodate your request, we will create a new client account on our client portal for you, where you can register your details and your cat. We take extensive details so we can fully understand their routines, dietary requirements, health history, as well as where their belongings are. Once you've completed your info, we will carry out a virtual consultation via Zoom, where we can have a chat, and you can give us a virtual tour. Following this, you will be able to book a trial visit for your cat if you wish. There is a one-off registration fee of £35.00 which includes your use of the client portal, your virtual consult, as well as ongoing client support.
  • How much notice do I need to give to book?
    We appreciate as much notice as possible, particularly for peak times (Christmas, New Year, Bank Holidays, school holidays, etc). We do get very booked up-some clients even book a year ahead! We will endeavour to accommodate request, but there is a slightly higher rate for requests made with 6 weeks notice or less.
  • What about house keys?
    We request clients drop a spare set of keys to us before service commences. We ask that you check that all keys work, and are not stiff, and that they're put on a labelled, strong and sturdy keyring, so there's no risk of the keyring breaking, just in case! All keys are stored in a secure key safe when not in use, and our insurance includes 'key cover'. We will not post keys through your door after our last visit in case you become delayed and we need to return for added visits, and most clients like us to keep a set of keys in our safe, particularly should they require our help at short notice.
  • How and when do we pay you?
    Your registration fee will be invoiced for once your new client account has been created which will be due immediately. Your invoice for our cat's visit will not be due until after your virtual consultation, for new clients. Once you're enrolled, future services will be invoiced for as soon as you've submitted your request, will will be due straight away, in order to reserve your dates. We may be able to take a deposit for services months ahead, with the final balance due a month before your booking commences. If you would like to spread your payments out further, please get in touch, and we will see what we can do for you. All services must be paid for in full before they commence. Payment must be made by card, via Stripe on the portal.
  • What do I need to leave when I go away?
    All information must be up to date and correct on your client profile. We request that you don't leave notes in your home, just in case they get damaged or lost. Please leave out your cat's vaccination certificate, as well as their pet insurance documents, as well as enough food, litter, medication and supplements as relevant, for the duration of your trip, plus extra, in case of any delays. Please also leave out litter scoops, spare bedding, toys, bowls, waste bags, pet-safe cleaning products, washing up liquid, a dustpan and brush and/or vacuum cleaner, so we can maintain your cat's living areas, and keep them happy. Should we need to purchase anything for your cat, there is a charge for this service, plus the cost of the item(s). Please leave your hot water, electricity, and heating on suitable settings (perhaps on a timer if relevant), and please ensure you have suitably cleaned out your cat's litter trays before departing-there is a surcharge for heavily soiled trays requiring a full clean and wash. Please also empty your inside bins, remove any food which could 'go off', and don't forget to cancel and food orders!
  • What time slots do you offer?
    Morning visits are usually between 8am-11am, and afternoon visits between 3pm-7.30pmpm, however we may extend our times during busy periods. Additional daytime visits take place between approximately 11am-3pm (we will separate your cat's visits as much as possible when booking 3 visits a day).
  • Why do you provide a minimum of twice daily home visits?
    Cats are not as self sufficient as people often think, and it's really important to be able to check on regularly, as their health and welfare standards should not be compromised. We find that twice daily visits allow shy cats to get used to us (especially when they associate us with food!), and we find they often interact more and exceed their human's expectations! It's necessary to carefully monitor how cats are eating (cats would naturally eat up to 16 tiny meals a day, and we need to ensure they're not wolfing their meals in one go, and many small animal species need to regularly graze). We need to regularly monitor that they're toileting normally, no signs of urinary tract infections, blockages, diarrhoea, as well as things like vomiting, etc. Although cats can be solitary animals, they're used to living and interacting with humans, and in most cases see them before they go to work and again in the evening at the very least, and we want to keep the disruption to their normal routine to a minimum. We check that the water isn't fouled, as well as the litter tray, as many cats will avoid using a fouled tray, which in itself can lead to health and behavioural issues. It also allows us to check the security of the home more regularly, picking up post, and making the home looked lived in by opening/closing curtains, alternating lights, etc. We also check that pets haven't accidentally shut themselves away in a room whilst they're playing! Vets and other welfare organisations generally recommend a minimum of twice daily visits.
  • How long does each visit last?
    Our standard twice daily visits are around 20 minutes long, both morning and afternoon, which allows for adequate time to complete your cat's husbandry tasks, home duties, and spend some time with your cat. You may upgrade to 45 minute long visits for extra attention, companionship, enrichment, and TLC with our extended and platinum packages, and/or request an additional daytime visit.
  • Do you provide cat care over Bank Holidays & weekends?
    We do indeed provide cat care over Bank Holidays and weekends, including Christmas and New Year! They are incredibly popular periods, so we'd advise making any requests for the festive period or Bank Holidays a few months in advance, to save missing out! Our services rates are double over Bank Holiday weekends (including the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), triple on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, and double for the days in between Christmas and New Year.
  • What happens if I'm delayed in getting back home?
    Don't panic! We've never experienced issues in extending care for clients should they get stuck in returning home, however, should we not be able to accommodate this, we will liase with yourself or your emergency contacts to decide what the best plan of action would be (we highly doubt this would ever happen, but we are always prepared!).
  • What would happen in the event of an emergency?
    Although very rare, it's important for us to have an emergency procedure in place. If we have any emergencies, we will make every effort to contact you, the owner, first of all. If we cannot get hold of you or a spouse, we will contact your emergency contacts, if necessary, from your client profile. We will of course take your cat straight to a vet (they must be registered with a local vet), if we are concerned about their health and welfare. Should there be a household emergency (eg, electrical, water, etc), again, we will try to make contact with you and your spouse, and will ensure the property remains safe and secure for your cat, or work on alternative arrangements until this is done. All clients are responsible for their own veterinary bills and household bills relating to any necessary repairs whilst you're away, and there may be a charge for transporting your pet to the vet, and any additional care they require.
  • Will we have the same sitter each time?
    We are a very small family run business, run by Laura, Luke, and with Laura's mum, Lynne, assisting too. Most visits are carried our by Laura or Luke, and this may alternate, but because we're such a small, exclusive company, your pets will get to know us very well!
  • What experience do you have?
    We believe that people should be able to leave their pets in 'qualified hands', which is why we've both completed courses relating to our work, and we do lots of continued professional development by watching webinars, going to talks and seminars, etc, all run by industry professionals, particularly focusing on animal health, handling, and behaviour. Laura and Luke have been working with animals for many years, including at a boarding and rescue cattery, and we've been established since 2011 so we've built up a very loyal client base.
  • I feel anxious about leaving my cat!
    It's completely understandable to feel worried about leaving your 4-legged family members in the care of someone, and our aim is to alleviate these worries. Over the years we've collected so many amazing client testimonials and earnt a great reputation for our level of care, trustworthiness, and service, which we're incredibly proud of, which are available for you to view online, which show the great experiences people have had whilst using our services. We are also DBS checked. We aim to provide the highest level of cat sitting services, and have produced a service, following many years of experience, which suits just about all cats wonderfully, and our signup process allows us to understand your cat's needs and routines. We're happy to talk to you on the phone to alleviate your worries and answer any questions you may have. Once you're registered and have provisionally reserved your dates/days, we will either provide a virtual consultation to go over the final details. There is also the option to book a trial visit before you go away. We aim to provide complete peace of mind, and put everyone at ease, so we can provide daily updates via email whilst you're away, or leave any notes if you're just out at work for the day. We also have an emergency procedure should any issues occur.
  • What happens if my cat becomes unwell?
    We will make contact with you, the owner, to inform you, but if we cannot get hold of you, we will contact one of your emergency contacts on your profile. We ask that all clients are registered with a local vet, and owners must confirm that they give us permission to take their pet(s) to the vet, and administer any treatment as directed, on their client profile. We will always act with your cat's welfare as priority, and take any advice from a qualified veterinarian. We will transport them to and from their appointment (there is an additional charge for this service). We advise that all pet(s) are covered with pet insurance, as any veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Do you keep in touch whilst I'm away?
    Absolutely! Communication and keeping our clients up to date is something we're passionate about! With our standard package, we provide daily updates at the end of each day, where we'll have ticked whether we've seen your cat eat, drink, toilet, whether they've enjoyed a play and had other enrichment, any additional notes, and when possible, a photo or two! This should reach you via the email address you registered your client account with, or are also visible on the schedule on your profile. Our clients absolutely love our regular updates and how thorough our monitoring is, as it reassures them and keeps them in the loop. Obviously, should we have any concerns about your cat, we will get in touch sooner than our regular update.
  • Must my cat be up to date with vaccinations & parasite treatments?
    We do not insist on cats being up to date with annual vaccinations providing the cat does not show any signs of infectious disease, however, we do recommend getting titre tests, to check your cat's immunity. All cats must be suitably treated and rid of parasites. Clients are welcome to use natural treatments/products, as long as they are effective! This may also include doing worm counts, providing proof of this can be shown, and the cat is treated if worms are present.
  • Does my cat need to be insured?
    We highly recommend taking out a pet insurance policy, as all owners are responsible for their cat's veterinary bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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